Users who are configured as offer approvers in your organization's offer approval flow(s) are notified via email when their approval is needed to extend an offer to a candidate.

The offer approval request email is a non-editable default email that outlines details of the offer, and includes the following information: 

  • A link to the candidate's profile
  • A link to the job dashboard
  • All offer details for the candidate
  • All job details for the requisition
  • All opening details for all openings listed on the requisition
  • A list of the approvals required to extend the offer
  • A candidate offer packet in .pdf form, which includes the following information:
    • Information from the candidate's Details tab (phone number, email address, and other details provided in custom candidate fields)
    • Information from the candidate's Private tab
    • The candidate's Source, Recruiter, and Coordinator
    • The candidate's offer details 
    • Submitted scorecards 

The offer approver can either approve or reject the request directly from the email.