Permissions: Job Admin, who can view and edit offers and approve/request approval on offers and Site Admins, who can see private notes, salary info, manage offers, request approvals, and approve jobs/offers

Product tier: Available for Advanced and Expert subscription tiers

When you send an offer for approval, all approvers will be sent an email requesting their input. Sometimes, an approver may not be able to grant approval at the moment or may miss the approval request entirely. In these cases, you'll want to send an approval reminder to keep them up-to-date on pending tasks.

Manually send an approval reminder

You can manually send a reminder email to approvers by clicking Send Reminder in the Approval Details section of the candidate's profile. Reminders can only be sent on pending approvals, which are marked with a yellow ellipses icon Screen_Shot_2019-11-13_at_9.02.13_AM.png.


Like the original approval email, reminder emails contain the basic candidate and offer information to help the approver. However, in follow-up emails, you can add more context before sending the email.


Note: An offer approval reminder can be sent multiple times. 

Set up automated approval reminders for your organization

Site Admins can update their organization's approval settings to automatically email approvals when they haven't answered a pending approval request. 

Automated reminders can be updated on the Approval settings page (Configure Configure-icon.png > Approvals > Configure Approval Reminders)

Approval reminders are enabled for your whole organization and will be automatically sent for all job and offer approvals requested after approval reminders are enabled. When you're finished setting up the reminders, click Save to update the settings for your organization.