Product tier: Available for Advanced and Expert subscription tiers

Greenhouse Recruiting's offer approval feature provides your organization with greater control over when a specific offer can be extended to a candidate. However, the offer process will change whether or not your organization is using offer approvals. 

Offer flow with no offer approval process

If a job doesn't have an offer approval process, once a candidate is moved into the Offer stage, users with the appropriate permissions can immediately perform the following actions:

  1. Generate offer documents
  2. Send offer documents to candidates
  3. Mark candidates as hired

Note: A job can have no offer approval process if a default offer approval process is not configured or a configured offer approval process is not retroactively applied to an existing job.

Offer flow with an offer approval process

With an offer approval flow enabled, any newly created offers will need to be approved before the offer can be extended to a candidate. Users configured to be offer approvers will be notified that the new offer is pending approval.

Note: There can be multiple approvers assigned to an approval flow and can be configured sequentially or non-sequentially. Additionally, approvers can be assigned by office or department. 

Once the final necessary user approves the offer, the generated offer documents can be sent to the candidate, and the candidate can be marked as Hired