Permissions: Site Admin

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

Every Greenhouse Recruiting user account has at least one associated email address that is used for logging into the system and for email communication. Site Admins can update or modify other users' email addresses on the Configure page.

Note: Click here to learn how to add an email address to your own account.

Primary vs. secondary email addresses

For any given Greenhouse Recruiting user account, you can have a Primary and Secondary email address. Both types of emails can be used to sign into Greenhouse Recruiting.

However, only the Primary email address will receive Greenhouse Recruiting emails (such as notifications, reminders, and interview kits).

Secondary email addresses are helpful if you want to select different email addresses in the From field when sending emails from Greenhouse Recruiting.

Add an email address to another user account

Site Admins can update an existing user's account to use another email address. However, this address can't be marked as Primary until it is verified by the user.

To access a user's account, navigate to the Users page and select a user from the list. (Configure Configure-icon.png> Users > choose a user from the list)

Screenshot of choosing a user from the list

Click Add another email.


Enter an email address in the field.

Note: You can't use an email address that's already associated with another user in your organization.


When you finish, scroll to the bottom of the section and click Save user details.


Verify an email address

After you add or update a user's email address in Greenhouse Recruiting, they'll receive a verification email for the newly added email address. The owner of the email address will need to click the verification link and enter their password to verify the account.

Note: If a Secondary email address is ever modified, Greenhouse Recruiting will send an additional verification email to verify the edited email address.

Screenshot of verification link

Change the Primary email address for an account

If a user has more than one email address, you can change which address is marked as Primary on the Users page. To update the email, select the Primary button next to the correct address and click Save at the bottom of the page.

Note: Unverified emails can't be marked as Primary.