Permissions: Job Admin or above

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

With the Greenhouse/Calendly enabled, Greenhouse users can schedule interviews with multiple candidates via Calendly directly from Greenhouse Recruiting. In order to use this feature, all candidates included in the bulk action must match the following criteria:

  • Candidates are on the same Job
  • Candidates are in the same Stage with exactly 1 interview that can be scheduled
  • Candidates need To Be Scheduled for an interview

Note: This bulk action feature will not send a Calendly email invitation to schedule an interview to candidates who have already been sent a Calendly email invitation.

Bulk schedule interviews

Click the All Candidates tab on the navigation and navigate to the filter panel on the left-hand side.


Expand the Jobs filter panel and click Filter By Job and use the subsequent dialog box to select a single job. Click Save when finished. From the Jobs filter panel, use the Stage dropdown menu to select a specific stage for the job.  

Bulk_Scheduling_screenshot_of_filter_by_job_options.png Bulk_Scheduling_screenshot_of_selecting_and_saving_a_single_job.png

Note: The Greenhouse/Calendly integration is currently unavailable for interview stages with more than one step (i.e. a stage with multiple interviews).

When finished, navigate down the filter panel on the left-hand side and expand Pipeline Tasks. Click To Be Scheduled so a check is in the checkbox.


After you have correctly filtered the list of candidates, click the Bulk Actions tab.


Select the candidates that should be included in this bulk action and click Edit Selected (#) when finished. 


Note: The bulk action will skip any candidates included in the bulk action who have already been sent an email invitation to schedule an interview 

Click Send with Calendly from the bulk action dialog box.


Use the subsequent dialog box to configure the details of the email to the candidates.

Select your name (if you are the interviewer) from the Calendly Interviewer dropdown menu. Choose an event type from the Calendly Event Type dropdown menu. Click here for more information on how to send a teammate's Calendly link.


Greenhouse Recruiting will append a Calendly link to the emails and send it to each candidate's email address.