We received a lot of great feedback about the Hiring Team redesign we launched last month, and we wanted to take a moment to share some of the upcoming improvements to this page that will be available soon!

New features in the bottom half of the page

  1. Alphabetizing by first name: this will help users find who they’re looking for faster, and more closely match the Configure > Users page.
  2. Adding a filter: this will allow users to show only the specific permission level they’re looking for.
  3. Updated typography: updated type styling gives clear cues as to whose permissions can be edited, and whose can’t.


Visual updates to the top half of the page

What did we change?

  1. We updated styling to be more consistent with the rest of Greenhouse Recruiting.




  2. We moved the edit button to be closer to the content it relates to.
  3. We moved the default tasks labels and roll-over actions to be closer to the people they are associated with.


Thanks again for all of the feedback! These updates are nearly complete and should be available in the next week or two.