Schedule interview with another user's Calendly link

Permissions: Job Admins, who can email candidates and Site Admins

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

In order to send a different user's Calendly link when scheduling a candidate interview, the other user must satisfy the below requirements:

  • User must have a Calendly account
  • User must have the Greenhouse/Calendly integration enabled for their account
  • User must have Job Admin level permissions or above on the same job

To send the Calendly link for a user who satisfies the above requirements when scheduling an interview, navigate to a candidate's profile who needs to be scheduled for an interview and click Schedule with Calendly.


When configured Select your teammate's name from the Calendly Interviewer dropdown menu and choose an event type from the Calendly Event Type dropdown menu. Greenhouse Recruiting will populate the Event Types your teammate has configured in their Calendly account.

Note: Do not include a Calendly link in the body of the email. Greenhouse Recruiting will automatically generate and append this link to the email.

Click Send Email when finished.


Greenhouse Recruiting will add your teammate's Calendly link to the email and send it to the candidate's email address.


Once the candidate selects an interview date and time, the interviewer will receive an email notification from Calendly.

Additionally, the scheduled interview will also be available on the candidate's profile.