Permissions: Job Admin or above, who can email candidates

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

With the Greenhouse/Calendly integration enabled, Greenhouse users can schedule interviews to their calendars directly from Greenhouse Recruiting.

To start, navigate to the candidate's profile and click Stage within the On Job tab.


Expand the Stage that requires a scheduled interview and click Schedule with Calendly.

Note: The Greenhouse/Calendly integration is currently unavailable for interview stages with more than one step. For example, a stage with multiple interviews.s


Use the Schedule with Calendly dialog box to configure the details of the email. When selecting an option from the Calendly Event Type dropdown, Greenhouse Recruiting can only show 100 event types at a time, and the event types are sorted alphabetically.

Click here if you are sending an invite on behalf of a teammate and would like to learn how.

Note: Do not include a Calendly link in the body of the email. Greenhouse Recruiting will automatically generate a link.

Click Send Email when finished.


Greenhouse Recruiting will append a Calendly link to the email and send it to the candidate's email address.


Once the candidate selects an interview date and time, the interviewer will receive an email notification from Calendly.

Note: The email notification sent to the interviewer from Calendly will not contain a link to the candidate's interview kit.


Additionally, the scheduled interview can be viewed from the On Job panel of the candidate's profile.