Business Intelligence Connector update – June 14, 2019

We are making the following changes to the Greenhouse Analytics schema on June 28th, 2019! See below for a description. We will update this post with the newest schema when it is available.

This update allows customers with the Business Intelligence Connector to view data regarding different aspects of their job posts, including:

  • Whether EEOC questions are enabled for the job post.
  • Whether or not the job has been indexed to one of the free job boards offered in Greenhouse
  • A list of all job post questions for the job post

If you have any questions or comments, please fill out the form at or click here to open a ticket with the Greenhouse Customer Support team.


New column in the job_posts table:
      job_posts.eeoc_enabled (boolean)

New columns in the job_posts table:
     job_posts.indeed_feed (boolean)
     job_posts.linkedin_feed (boolean)
     job_posts.glassdoor_feed (boolean)

New table for job post questions:
CREATE TABLE job_post_questions (
     job_post_id (bigint)
     question (text)