Permissions: Job Admin or above

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

Greenhouse Recruiting's integration with Calendly must be enabled for each Greenhouse user and allows candidates to schedule interviews in available time slots on your calendar. Once enabled, Greenhouse users can schedule via Calendly directly in Greenhouse Recruiting for one-step interview stages (For example, phone screens).

With this integration, new users are set up with a free, basic Calendly account. If you would like to explore higher tiers and their associated features, please take a moment to view Calendly's pricing plans

Current Calendly customers may use their existing Calendly login information when completing the integration process below. 

Note: The Greenhouse/Calendly integration is currently unavailable for interview stages with more than one step. 


Connect to Calendly from Greenhouse Recruiting 

To begin the integration process, click Integrations at the top of your Greenhouse Recruiting dashboard. 


Once on the Integrations and Partners page, type Calendly in the search bar and select the integration from the search results. 


Note: If you are an existing customer connected to Calendly using an API Key, you will need to migrate to the new Calendly integration using the simple sign-in process. Follow the steps below to delete the current integration:
  1. Click Edit
  2. Highlight the API Key and delete it
  3. Click Save and close the pop-up
  4. Refresh the page
  5. Click on Calendly and continue following the steps in this article

Any Calendly requests sent from the existing version will continue to sync back to Greenhouse Recruiting after the new integration is enabled. All Stage Transition rules will also continue to work normally after transitioning to this new version. 

Click Connect


Enter your work email address, then click Continue. 

Note: When you sign up for Calendly with a Google, Office 365, or Microsoft Exchange email address, you'll be prompted to log in using the username and password for that account. This allows you to access Calendly using your account’s credentials so you don’t have to create and manage a new password. If you do not wish to use those credentials, click Sign up on the Calendly login page to create a Calendly username and password.


Continue following the prompts within Calendly to complete the login process. 

If using an external email account (Google, Office 365, or Microsoft Exchange) Calendly will request access to your account. Select Allow to proceed. 

On the final page, click Connect to Calendly to complete the integration. 


The page will automatically redirect to Greenhouse Recruiting and you will see the option to disconnect Calendly, indicating the integration for this individual Greenhouse user account was successful.

Click here for more information on how to schedule interviews using this integration.

Contact Calendly

Please contact for assistance regarding your Calendly account.