Greenhouse Recruiting's integration with Calendly is enabled per Greenhouse user and allows candidates to schedule interviews in available time slots on your calendar. Once enabled, Greenhouse users can schedule via Calendly directly in Greenhouse Recruiting for one-step interview stages (e.g. Phone Screen).

Note: The Greenhouse/Calendly integration is currently unavailable for interview stages with more than one step. 

In this article, we will cover how to:


Retrieve Calendly API Key

In order to enable the Calendly integration, each user will need to retrieve a unique API key from their respective Calendly account.

Navigate to your Calendly account and click Integrations in the upper right-hand corner.


From the Integrations page, navigate to the Your API Key panel and click Copy Key.

Note: This API key is unique to your Calendly account and can only be linked to a single Greenhouse user account.


If the Calendly API key is ever regenerated (so that a new API key is populated by Calendly), users will need to follow the below instructions to re-enable the Greenhouse/Calendly integration with the new API key.


Enable Greenhouse/Calendly Integration

With the Calendly API key copied, navigate to your Greenhouse Recruiting account and click the ellipsis on the navigation bar. Select Integrations from the dropdown menu. 


From the Integrations page, use the provided search field to find Calendly. 

Click the Calendly integration from the subsequent result list.


Click Connect. 


Use the provided field to paste the Calendly API key and click Save when finished.


The Greenhouse/Calendly integration is enabled for this individual Greenhouse user account. 


Click here for more information on how to schedule interviews using the integration