Greenhouse Recruiting's Harvest API is a JSON-based REST API that allows you to read and write data to most objects in Greenhouse Recruiting through POST, PUT, PATCH, and DELETE requests.

In order for a third-party application to interact with Greenhouse Recruiting via the API, you will need:

  • A middleware platform such as Mulesoft, Boomi, Workato (or Workday Studio for Workday integrations) to transpose data from the third-party application to a format that can be understood by Greenhouse Recruiting.
  • A developer to build and maintain the adapter layer through the middleware platform.
  • Mapping schema defining how fields from one application map to the other.

Example: Workday is an XML-based application, so data must be both transformed from the XML to JSON format and then mapped to Greenhouse Recruiting fields through Workday Studio (middleware platform) before sending a Harvest API request (and vice versa).