Whichever calendar client your organization uses, it is recommended you sync scheduled interviews between your external calendar and Greenhouse Recruiting. We encourage this sync to keep the Candidates to Schedule task updated for coordinator(s) on a job and/or candidate.

A coordinator's ability to quickly see and schedule all appropriate candidates in a job pipeline helps streamline scheduling across your organization. The Candidates to Schedule task is a feature on Greenhouse Recruiting's My Dashboard page that allows a coordinator to quickly access all of the candidates they currently need to schedule for interviews.

Note: The Candidates to Schedule task cannot be manually marked as completed. If interviews are not synced between Greenhouse Recruiting and your external calendar, the number of Candidates to Schedule cannot be updated.

To utilize the candidates to schedule feature, navigate to the My Tasks panel on the right-hand side of the My Dashboard page and click Candidates to Schedule.


The subsequent page will display all candidates who need to be scheduled and where you are the designated coordinator.