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Greenhouse Recruiting

  • Coming Soon: We are excited to announce that candidates can soon upload an attachment in response to a Form question and/or satisfy the answer requirement. 





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May 24, 2019  Added ability to set location on job posts via office and custom location id via PATCH: Update Job Post
May 24, 2019  Added schedulable field to Job Stages Endpoints
May 24, 2019  Added first_published_atfield to Job Posts Endpoints
May 15, 2019  Added ability to change prospect pool and stage via PATCH: Update Application
May 15, 2019  Added opening field to Offers.
May 7, 2019  Added Demographic Data endpoints
Apr 8 , 2019  Added interviewer to Scorecard object




Bug Fixes

  • We fixed a reported issue in Greenhouse Recruiting with the Group of Candidates filter on the Pipeline History Report. When filtering by candidates who applied during a specific date range, the report will now correctly filter by application date instead of hired date.
  • We also fixed a dashboard issue in Greenhouse Recruiting with follow-up reminders. Previously, when a candidate follow-up reminder was assigned to a Coordinator or Recruiter tag (instead of a specific user's name) the follow-up reminder would not appear on the dashboard. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • Assigned resources (i.e. locations) should now properly appear in the location field for attendees when using the Outlook 365 integration.