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Applink by CareerBuilder

Don’t miss out on qualified candidates. Double the amount of completed applications by integrating with CareerBuilder using Applink.  CareerBuilder Applink is a free integration service that allows you to seamlessly send applicants from CareerBuilder to your ATS or CRM system, automatically formatting application data in your system. Applink also allows for a simple, intuitive and mobile-optimized application process for job seekers that ensures you receive all of the intended applications to your job postings in your ATS or CRM system.


Integration Setup Instructions:

Step 1 (Pre-Integration Requirements):

  • Follow the “Preparing a Greenhouse ATS for a new Integration” instructions provided below

Step 2

  • Enter Integration API Credentials (previously created in Step 1) in the Integration Self-Service Portal:
  • Instructions Below:
  • From the client’s recruiter desktop >> click on the bento box >> Select Admin Tools >> Hover over Company Admin in website toolbar >> select Integration Configuration >> Select Add Configuration for the Greenhouse ATS Option >> Enter client API Credentials >> Select ‘YES’ under the ‘Activate Applink?’ question >> Click Submit 

Step 3

  • A CareerBuilder team member will complete the rest of the fulfillment and notify your CareerBuilder Sales Rep that the integration is complete

Preparing a Greenhouse ATS for a new Integration

These are the steps to prepare a new Greenhouse ATS Integrations account:

Getting access to the ATS

  1. Open the main dashboard in the link
  2. Use a manager account credentials for this.

Get the API Credentials

Here are the steps to create credentials:

  1. Go to the link
  1. You also can access it from the menu bar in the Configuration optioncdc6e6c3f1773082ee5e35fefcbde6dc
  2. Then click on the Dev Center link and inside this option open the API Credentials.20dbcba1166f524cd61b4eff9e144699
  1. Select Create New API Key option.
  2. Provide a Description for the system using the credentials i.e: CareerBuilder ATSSync and select Harvest type.


  1. Save the credentials and send it to the CareerBuilder’s integration team.
  2. Select the Manage Permissions link and assign the Permissions according to the Greenhouse API Permissions section.
  3. Proceed to Step 2 in the Integration Setup Instructions

Greenhouse API Permissions

We will require the customer to create and provide Harvest API Token with the following permissions, permissions are:




Greenhouse User ID:

For push purposes, we will require a Greenhouse UserID that we will use to attach the candidates that will be pushed.

  1. Customer can find the list of Users and their IDs exporting them to an excel file:


2. Customer can find the usersIDs in a column called UserID (they will need these when they enter them in the CareerBuilder Portal in Step 2 of the Integration Setup Instructions:


Greenhouse Source Field:

We will require the customer to create and/or provide the integrator the source name to attach candidates that will be pushed.

For example: "CareerBuilder ATS Sync" as it is in the following screenshot:


Greenhouse Custom Fields:


  1. Create “Unknown” entry in School custom field.c00e16c54ea8058d1129825afda3808e
  2. Create “Unknown” entry in Degree custom field.8267ed56cac4bf1fa82a88dd35ac5912
  3. Create “Unknown” entry in Discipline custom field.
  4. Create “Unknown” entry in Source custom field.