A prospect post is unique type of post on your organization's career page that is not linked to a specific job. This post allows prospects to express general interest in applying to your company, but do not see current listings applicable to their skillset. 

More than one prospect post can be created to cover any sources, job boards, or other configuration that may be needed for your prospects. 

Note: Prospect posts cannot be posted to any free job boards.

Create a new prospect post

Select CRM from the toolbar.


Click Configure CRM from the CRM page.


Select Add Prospect Post.


Note: Users can also create prospect posts through Configure Configured_Icon.png page or the when creating a new job.

Define the post details, including where the post should display on the job board. If you want a more general prospect post, choose A New Section and enter a section name.


Define how prospects will appear in Greenhouse Recruiting in the CRM Settings section. 


Click Continue and define the rest of the prospect post as needed by your organization. 

Note: You can copy custom application questions from another job post. However, you cannot copy custom questions from another prospect post. 

When you're finished, click Save

Enable your prospect post

Once the post is created, you can enable your prospect post for a specific job board by selecting the button on the left side of the table. 


Once the post is enabled, prospects can send their information through the job board.

Note: Applicants for prospect posts will not be included in DE&I reports, since the report results are based off of your candidate pipeline, rather than your prospect pipeline. However, if you convert a prospect to a candidate, their DE&I data will be included in reports.