Create New Prospect Post


A prospect post is unique type of post on your organization's career page that is not linked to any specific job. It allows prospects to express general interest in applying to roles at your company but do not see current listings applicable to their skillset. In this article, we will cover how to create a new prospect post from the CRM page.

Note: Alternatively, users can create prospect posts via Configure configure.png > Job Board > Job Posts > Add Prospect Post, or via the Create a Job page. 

To start, click the ellipsis ellipsis.png on the navigation bar and select CRM from the dropdown menu.


Click Configure CRM from the CRM page.


Navigate to the Prospect Posts panel and click Add Prospect Post.


From the Configure Prospect Post Settings page, configure the details of the prospect post.


Job Board 

Use the appropriate fields in the Job Board panel to configure the:

  • External Name of the Prospect Post
  • Job Board 
  • Location on the Job Board


In regards to the Post Under fields (location on the job board), your organization can elect to nest the prospect post under an existing department on your job board or to create an entirely new section (with a new header) for the prospect post.

Note: Your organization can create multiple prospect posts.


When finished, navigate to the CRM Settings panel or click Continue to progress with the configuration process.


CRM Settings

The CRM Settings panel allows your organization to link this prospect post with a prospect pool and other settings in Greenhouse CRM.

Note: All fields in the CRM Settings panel is optional. If a prospect pool is not selected, all prospects who apply via the prospect post will be filtered into the No Pool Specified group. 

Use the appropriate fields in the CRM Settings panel to configure the:


Click Continue when finished.


Create Your Prospect Post 

The subsequent page is where your organization can configure the actual post where prospects will submit their information. Use this page to configure:

 Section Notes/Description
 Prospect Post Details

This section will control the name, location, description, etc... of your prospect post.

 Basic Application Information

Toggle between Hide, Optional, and Required for the various fields that can be filled in by a prospect.

Custom Application Questions

Add custom application questions to the prospect post or copy them from another job.

Note: While your organization can copy custom application questions from another job, you are currently unable to copy custom application questions from another prospect post.


Use this section to configure the confirmation email to prospects, the application confirmation page, and other settings for the prospect post.

Note: If you elect to Include EEOC questions on the prospect post, be aware that the responses will not be included in EEOC, Inclusion or Demographic reports. These reports track data across candidates and not prospects. If a prospect who applied through a prospect post is converted into a candidate, that data will then be available in those reports.


Note: Prospect posts cannot be posted to any free job boards.

Click Save when finished.



Enable Prospect Post

Once a prospect post is created, it will be listed in the Prospect Posts panel of the CRM page. When your organization is ready to officially launch the prospect post on your careers page, you must manually change the Status of the prospect post from Off to Live.


Navigate to the Prospect Posts panel on the CRM page, and toggle the Status button to Live inline with the prospect post name.


The prospect post will be listed on your job board based on your configuration.