Sponsored job posts on Glassdoor job board


Note: Glassdoor and Indeed have recently partnered and streamlined the way jobs are posted. As of May 31, 2021, all jobs posted to Indeed will appear on both Glassdoor and Indeed. However, the companies have removed the ability to only post to Glassdoor.

This change means that when sending a job from Greenhouse Recruiting, the Indeed checkbox will post to both Glassdoor and Indeed. However, selecting only the Glassdoor checkbox will not post the job.

Click here for Indeed's press release about the partnership. Contact Indeed's customer support for any questions regarding this change.

Note: The following is for organizations who have a premium account with Glassdoor.

Job posts information created in Greenhouse Recruiting can be pushed to the Glassdoor job board directly from the Edit Job Post page along with the location for the job post.


Once job posts are pushed into Glassdoor they can be marked as sponsored from within the Glassdoor platform. Glassdoor will then take the appropriate next steps to sponsor the appropriate job posts.