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Documentation Digest 4/14 - 4/27

Greenhouse Software's documentation digest provides your organization with new and updated resources for your team currently available in our Help Center.


Greenhouse CRM

CRM Overview


Greenhouse Recruiting

Applications Over Time
Candidate Quality by Source
Current Pipeline Per Job
Pipeline History and Pass-through Rates
Trend Report
Current Pipeline Report
Pipeline History Report
EEOC Report
Create Interviewer Tag
Delete Interviewer Tag
Assign Interviewer Tag to User
Remove Interviewer Tag from User
Add New User(s)
Add New Users in Bulk
Deactivate User
Deactivate Users in Bulk
Resend Invitation Email to User
Resend Invitation Email in Bulk
Re-enable a Deactivated User
Send EEOC Questionnaire to Candidate Who Did Not Apply Through Job Post
Email Verification
Verify Email Domain Using Web Hot with Domain Implied
Send Scorecard Reminders


Greenhouse Recruiting Integrations

Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)
Wonderlic Online by HRNX
Pocket Recruiter