Predictive Index (PI) by JOYND integration

JOYND has created a Greenhouse integration with Predictive Index that allows your organization to seamlessly add a Predictive Index assessment to a job's interview plan.

Note: Organizations are required to work with the third-party integration developer JOYND to access this integration. Email to request an integration.


  • One-time Setup Fee
  • Annual Subscription Fee
  • Fees determined by Tier using PI annual subscription headcount

Create a Harvest API key for the Predictive Index integration

To configure the Greenhouse Recruiting / Predictive Index integration, you'll need to create a Harvest API key.

Follow the steps in this article to create the key, and verify that the credentials and permissions below are selected when configuring the Predictive Index integration.


In the Create New Credential box, make the following selections:

  • API type: Harvest
  • Partner: The Predictive Index by JOYND (optional)
  • Description: Predictive Index by JOYND Harvest API key


Contact Joynd for more information on the API Permissions that should be selected for your integration.

Enable the Greenhouse/Predictive Index integration

JOYND offers integration services to get your organization enabled as quickly as possible with integration between Greenhouse Recruiting and Predictive Index.

Contact JOYND ( to request an integration. Once your integration has been confirmed, JOYND will assign a project manager for you to work with to complete your integration.

JOYND requires a username, password and an API key to your Greenhouse environment to configure the integration. JOYND will then configure the integration using the Predictive Index test environment.

Once the configuration is ready, then JOYND will provide the following things to Greenhouse:

  • Three test URL values
  • A customer-specific API key

After the integration is tested and confirmed to be working, the staging integration will be turned off and the integration will be activated using the production Predictive Index URL values. At this time a new production API key will be generated.

These URL values are used to generate the following things in your Greenhouse Recruiting account:

  • The list of your configured Predictive Index tests
  • A link to send the test to the candidate
  • A link for sending the completed assessment details back into Greenhouse Recruiting

Add Predictive Index Assessment to a job's interview plan

Once the Greenhouse/Predictive Index integration is enabled for your organization, you will be able to add the Predictive Index assessment as an Interview stage. Click here for more information on adding a stage to an interview plan.

Configure Predictive Index interview stage

Once the stage has been added to the job's interview plan, click Edit and choose the assessment for the interview. These options are based on the assessments that you configured in Predictive Index.

Note: Assessments and email templates cannot be modified in Greenhouse Recruiting, and should be configured in Predictive Index.

Send and review a test

When candidates are moved into the Predictive Index interview stage, Greenhouse will display a Send Test link.

Note: When you send a test from Greenhouse Recruiting, the interview instructions are actually sent by Predictive Index.

Once the candidate has submitted their test, the Interview Kit will contain a link to view assessment results from Predictive Index.

Additional support

Contact for troubleshooting assistance regarding the integration.