Permissions: Site Admin, and Job Admin who can add and remove users from their assigned jobs

Product tier: Available for Advanced and Expert subscription tiers

Interviewer tags allow you to quickly identify and segment interviewers using custom labels that are unique to your organization. Once an Interviewer Tag is assigned to a user, it can be used to filter that user (and others with the same tag) into a subset of interviewers.

Example: If you're trying to coordinate dozens of interviewers across different departments and offices in your organization, it can be challenging to determine which interviewers should be assigned to specific interviews.

By using interview tags, you can quickly filter down your list of users to ones that may be in specific offices or designated graders for a take-home test.

Assign an interviewer tag

To assign an Interviewer Tag to a user in your organization, you'll need to modify a user's profile. (Configure icon Configure icon > Users > select a user from the list)

Screenshot of choosing user from list

Scroll down to the Interviewer Tags section. Select a tag from the dropdown or click Configure Interviewer tags to add a new tag.


Note: A user can be assigned multiple interviewer tags.

When you finish, scroll to the bottom of the section and click Save user details.


Find tagged interviewers when scheduling

After you have assigned Interviewer Tags to users, you can set default interviewer tags when modifying an interview kit

Screenshot of default interviewers

When you select interview tags in this field, users with the chosen tags will appear in the potential interviewer list when users schedule that interview.

Screenshot of select interviewer by tag.