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Assign Interviewer Tag to User


Interviewer Tags allow you to quickly identify and segment interviewers by whatever criteria is useful for your organization. Once an Interviewer Tag is assigned to a user, it can be used to filter that user (and others with the same tag) into a subset of interviewers.

In this article, we will cover how to assign an Interviewer Tag to a User and highlight how your organization can use these tags to select interviewers.


Assign Interviewer Tag

To assign an Interviewer Tag to a user in your organization, click the Configure icon configure.png in the upper right-hand corner and select Users from the left-hand panel.


Select a specific user from the subsequent page.


From the Edit User page, navigate to Interviewer Tags and click the Edit icon edit.png .


Use the provided dropdown menu to select pre-configured Interviewer Tags. Click Save Changes when finished.


Note: Users can be assigned multiple Interviewer Tags.



Filter by Interviewer Tag

Interviewer Tags can be a useful tool to quickly view a pool of interviewers with certain attributes that you need for an interview. Consider the following use case:

For example, if there are dozens (or even hundreds) of interviewers across multiple departments and offices in your organization, it can be challenging to determine which interviewers should be handling which interviews. Some of your interviewers may better than others at performing a cultural fit interview, while others are better at grading Take Home Tests. For an upcoming Case Study interview, we need to view which users have historically been identified as strong interviewers for this type of interview.

From the Configure configure.png > Users page, navigate to the Filter panel and use the All Tags dropdown menu to filter the list by the Case Study Interviewer Tag.


The list of users will auto-populate with only the users who have been assigned the Interviewer Tag.

Additionally, use the Set default interviewer tags dropdown menu from the Edit Interview Kit page to populated tagged candidates when scheduling an interview.