Permissions: Site Admin, and Job Admin who can manage company metadata

Product tier: Available for Advanced and Expert subscription tiers

Interviewer tags allow you to quickly identify and segment interviewers using custom labels that are unique to your organization. If a user is no longer relevant to a specific tag, you can remove it from their user account. However, if an interviewer tag is no longer relevant to your entire organization, you can completely delete it so it can't be added to future users. 

Completely delete an interview tag

Note: When an interview tag is deleted, it will be automatically removed from all users and can't be assigned to new users. When you delete a tag, you can reassign the currently tagged users to another existing tag. However, once it's deleted, an interview tag can't be restored. 

You can delete an interviewer tag from your entire organization under Custom Options. (Configure icon > Custom Options > Company Metadata > Interviewer Tags)


Click Remove next to the interviewer tag you want to delete.


Select whether or not you'd like currently tagged users to be assigned to a new tag by selecting an option in the window. If you're reassigning users to a new tag, select it from the dropdown menu.

Note: Users can only be reassigned to an existing tag. If you need to assign users to a brand new tag, create it before deleting the current tag.


Click Delete Interviewer Tag.