Deactivate welcome to the team email delivery


The Welcome to the Team! email is an introductory email sent from Greenhouse Onboarding to the New Hire after they have been added into the system. In the email, New Hires will receive a summary of who their manager is, the team they have joined, and tasks requiring their attention.

By default, the Welcome to the Team! email is delivered two days prior to a New Hire's start date, but it can be configured to suit your organization's onboarding flow, or deactivated so it is never sent to a New Hire. In this article, we will cover how to deactivate the delivery schedule for the Welcome to the Team! email.

Note: The deactivated delivery schedule will apply to both the default Welcome to the Team! email and any additional Welcome to the Team! templates your organization creates.  

To deactivate the delivery schedule for this email, click Settings from the navigation bar and select Emails from the Onboarding Plan section of the left-hand panel.


From the Emails page, navigate to Welcome to the Team! section and click Edit default delivery.


From the subsequent dialog box, select Never from the Send email to new hire dropdown menu.

Click Save and Close when finished.


The Welcome to the Team! email will be deactivated and will never send to New Hires in your organization.