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Documentation Digest 3/31 - 4/13

Greenhouse Software's documentation digest provides your organization with new and updated resources for your team currently available in our Help Center.


Greenhouse Recruiting

Rejection Emails
One-Stage vs Two-Stage Job Approvals
Configure One-Stage Job Approvals
Configure Two-Stage Job Approvals
Bulk Import Prospect from Spreadsheet
Follow Job
Specify Opening When Making Offer
Create Offer 
Set Up Job Admin as Job Approver
Job Approval Email
Re-Trigger Job Approval Stage Request
Request Approval to Start Recruiting
Manage Pending Job Approvals
View Primary In-House Contacts
Employee ID
Greenhouse Roll-Out Toolkit - Start Here!


Greenhouse Recruiting Integrations

IBM Watson Candidate Assistant
StepStone ATSi Apply
Moonshot Insights
Test Partnership


Greenhouse Onboarding

Terminate Employees
Reassign Direct Reports 
Deactivate Welcome to the Team Email Delivery
Configure Welcome to the Team Delivery Schedule
Create E-Signature Template
Edit E-Signature Template
Delete E-Signature Template


Greenhouse CRM

Start New Prospect Process for Rejected Candidates
Stop Considering Prospect
Convert Prospect into Candidate
Bulk Email Prospects
Assign User License
Remove User License