Permissions: Job Admin or above, with access to CRM and can view prospects

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

As the name implies, the Stop Considering a Prospect feature rejects the prospect from a job and/or prospect pool. 

Note: If a prospect is unattached only users with the Can manage unattached prospects permission can stop considering the prospect.

To stop considering a prospect, navigate to the prospect's Profile and click Stop Considering as Prospect from the Job tab. 


Select a reason from the dropdown menu with the dialog box. You can choose an existing reason or Add a new reason.

Screenshot-of-the-reason-dropdown-menu.pngFill in the remaining fields of the dialog box. Once finished, either click Reject and Send Email or Stop Considering.


The prospect is no longer considered for the job. Click the Add as Prospect button if you would like to add the prospect to a new prospect pool.