Specify opening when making offer


Note: Please contact your Customer Success Manager to opt into this feature.

Headcount and financial planning is an integral part of your organization's recruiting operations. Accurately understanding and communicating the roles being filled in a given time period is key to effective talent acquisition budgeting. When making an offer to a candidate in Greenhouse Recruiting your organization can select the specific job opening associated with the candidate offer.

Note: Jobs must be configured with Opening IDs before they can be selected during the Offer stage. 

To specify an opening when making an offer to a candidate, navigate to a candidate's profile already in the offer stage.


Navigate to the On Job panel and click Offer Details from the left-hand side.

Click Create Offer.


Input the necessary details for the candidate offer in the Create Offer dialog box. Navigate to the Opening field and select an Opening ID from the populated list

Click Save when finished.


The offer details will display all the details included in the candidate offer and include the specific opening associated with the offer.


If the candidate accepts the offer, navigate back to the Offer Details section of the candidate's On Job panel and click Mark Candidate as Hired.


From the Accept Offer dialog box:

  • Confirm the Opening ID associated with the offer
  • Select a Close Reason
  • Choose Privacy Settings for the candidate

Additionally, you can also choose to email an offer summary to the candidate. Click Save when finished.


The opening specified by the Opening ID will be closed with the given close reason.