Permissions: Job Admin and above

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

Once your organization decides to consider a prospect for a particular job, you can convert the prospect into a candidate and funnel them through a job's interview plan.

You can convert any prospect that is attached to a job as long as you are a Job Admin or above on the job the prospect is attached to.

Note: If the prospect is not attached to a job, the user will need the user-specific permission Can manage unattached prospects in order to convert the prospect to a candidate.

To convert a prospect into a candidate, go to the prospect's profile. From the Jobs tab, click Convert to Candidate.

Screenshot of convert to candidate button in a prospect profile

In the Convert to candidate window, select a job name and stage for the converted prospect. Then, click Convert.

Screenshot of convert to candidate window

The prospect will be added as a candidate to the job.