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Troubleshoot Greenhouse Prospecting Google Chrome Plugin


Google Chrome's update (version 72) on January 30, 2019 broke the drag and drop resume parsing functionality of the Greenhouse Prospecting Chrome Plugin which has persisted to its latest version (version 78).

For users who are using any recent version of Chrome, parsing a resume using the plugin's drag and drop feature will just open the resume in a new window without parsing it. We have notified Google of this issue and are currently waiting for them to resolve this issue.

In this article, we will cover:


Current Solution (Dec. 11, 2019)

Greenhouse does not have a current solution to restore drag and drop resume parsing functionality for the Prospecting Google Chrome Plugin. While we wait on a response from Google Chrome we have updated the plugin so that attaching a resume in the Prospecting Google Chrome Plugin panel will also parse the resume.

Note: Originally, Greenhouse provided steps to fix this issue for Chrome version 72 that is no longer available in the most recent version of Chrome (i.e. disabling certain Chrome flags). We recommend that if you followed those instructions to continue to the following section to reactivate those flags.


Update Chrome and Restore Flag Functionality

For users who disabled certain Google Chrome flags to restore drag and drop resume parsing functionality, Greenhouse recommends that you follow these instructions to update Google Chrome and restore flag functionality on your device. 

If you have not already done so, update your Google Chrome browser to the latest version. Once updated enter chrome://flags into your Chrome browser's URL bar.


From the subsequent page, click Reset all to default


Click Relaunch Browser to restart your browser and confirm the changes.