Permissions: Job admin or above, who can manage CRM and unattached prospects

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

Note: While a user with a CRM Admin License can edit any prospect pool stage, users with a CRM User License can only edit prospect pool stages if they are added as a Prospect Pool Admin for the specific prospect pool. To learn more, click here

Managing prospects is an important task for quickly finding qualified candidates. Prospect pools and stages allow your organization to manage prospects more efficiently.

In Greenhouse Recruiting, a prospect pool is a larger group of available prospects, such as talent for the upcoming year.

A stage is a smaller group inside of a pool where you can track prospects at a more detailed level. Like interview stages, pool stages can represent specific contact points, such as first contact, interested groups, or on-hold prospects. 

Create a new prospect pool

Select CRM at the top of the page.


Click Configure CRM.


Select Create a Prospect Pool.


Enter a name for the prospect pool. 

Tips: Visit our support resource here for pool and stage recommendations. 


Create names for stages. You can reorder the stages by clicking and dragging the stage names after they've been created. Click here for more information on copying stages from an existing pool. 


Select admins for the prospect pool. These users will be able to modify the pool and add prospects to the pool. 


Click Save Changes.

Copy stages from an existing pool

Note: Prospect pool stages can be copied into a new prospect pool even if the current user is not a Pool Admin for the chosen pool. 

When you're modifying or creating a prospect pool, select Add from Another Pool.


Select the source pool from the dropdown menu. All pool stages will be added to the current list. Modify or remove extra stages as needed. 

Click Save Changes.  

Delete a prospect pool

Deleting a prospect pool completely removes the pool from your organization. When a pool is deleted, you won't be able to view candidates that were previously added to the pool. If you want the ability to reference and restore a prospect pool, see Archive a prospect pool.

Note: If you delete a prospect pool, all prospects will be moved to the Prospects without a pool section on the CRM dashboard.

To delete a prospect pool, select the ellipses icon next to the pool.


Choose Delete from the dropdown menu. 


Confirm you want to delete the pool. The prospect pool will be removed.

Archive a prospect pool

You can archive a prospect pool by selecting the ellipses icon and choosing Archive from the dropdown menu.


Click here for more information on archiving and restoring a pool. 

Follow a prospect pool 

Following a prospect pool is helpful to stay on top of a specific group of prospects when your organization is sourcing. To follow a prospect pool, navigate to CRM, hover over a specific prospect pool, and click Follow next to the prospect pool name. 

A green checkmark will confirm you are now Following the prospect pool. 


Additional resources

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