Prospect pool stages


Prospect pool stages allow your organization to sort prospects in the same prospect pool into more specific groupings.

Use Case 1:
Use prospect stages to manage the communication workflow for all prospects in the prospect pool. As you reach out to prospects to gauge their interest, move prospects to the next step in the communication workflow- doing this will enable your organization to track and manage your team's sourcing efforts for that particular prospect pool.

Use Case 2:
Use prospect stages to organize prospects in a prospect pool into link prospect profiles. For example, if your organization has a prospect pool for Engineers use prospect pools to segment this pool into Junior, Mid, Senior, and Management. When your organization is ready to hire for any of these roles, prospects in a stage can be used expressly to start your search.

For more information on how to leverage prospect pools and stages, click here.

In this article, we will cover how to:

Note: While a user with a CRM Admin License can edit any prospect pool stage, users with a CRM User License can only edit prospect pool stages if they are added as a Prospect Pool Admin for the specific prospect pool.


Navigate to Prospect Pool 

To add a new prospect pool stage to any existing prospect pool, click the ellipsis from the navigation bar and select CRM from the dropdown menu.


Click Configure CRM.


Navigate to the prospect pool that will be edited from the subsequent list and click Edit Pool.



Add Prospect Pool Stage

Navigate to the Stage column for the prospect pool and click Add Stage.


Input the name of the stage in the subsequent field.

Click Save Changes when finished.



Copy Stages from Existing Prospect Pool

Greenhouse CRM allows your organization to copy the stages from an existing prospect pool into any other prospect pool.

Note: Prospect pool stages can be copied into a new prospect pool regardless of whether the user is Prospect Pool Admin for the source prospect pool. 

From an editable prospect pool, navigate to the Prospect Stages column and click Add from Another Pool.


Select the source prospect pool from the dropdown menu. Prospect pool stages from the source prospect pool will be added to the list of prospect pool stages for the new prospect pool.

Click Save Changes



Reorder Prospect Pool Stage

Prospect pool stages can be reordered by clicking and holding the Screen_Shot_2019-03-07_at_2.44.27_PM.png to the left of a stage name. Drag and drop the stage into a new position on the list of prospect pool stages.



Delete Prospect Pool Stage

To delete a prospect pool stage, navigate to the Prospect Stages column for the prospect pool and click delete.png to the right of the prospect pool stage name.

Click Save Changes