Create Prospect Pool


A prospect pool is a feature in Greenhouse CRM that enables your organization to organize prospects sourced online, at events, and/or from other job pipelines into a single manageable group so you can track and plan outreach efforts.

For example, your organization may decide to create a Silver Medalist Prospect Pool for candidates who did well in an interview process but did not get hired. These candidates may still be desirable for other future roles in your organization and should be funneled into a prospect pool so you can maintain a relationship with them. For more information about other prospect pool use cases, click here.

To create a new prospect pool, click the ellipsis from the navigation bar and select CRM from the dropdown menu.


Click Configure CRM.


Click Create a Prospect Pool.


From the subsequent panel, configure the following details of the prospect pool:

Click Save Changes when finished.


Note: Users with CRM user licenses who create prospect pools will be automatically added to the Pool Admin role. This will enable those creators to continually edit and manage the prospect pool.