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Documentation Digest 2/24 - 3/9


Greenhouse Software's documentation digest provides your organization with new and updated resources for your team currently available in our Help Center.


Greenhouse Recruiting

Create Custom Offer Field
Edit Custom Offer Field
Delete Custom Offer Field
Recover a Deleted Job
Company Token Displaying Wrong Name
Enable Job Notifications for Single Job
Turn Off Notifications for Single Job
Enable Job Notifications for Multiple Jobs
Turn Off Notifications for Multiple Jobs
Did Not Receive Stage Transition Notification
Search for Closed Jobs
Edit Credit Card Information on File
Edit External Job Post
Interviewers Cannot Access Interview Kit
Create New Custom Application Fields
Edit Response to Custom Application Field
Link Custom Application Question to Custom Application Field
Install Greenhouse Prospecting Chrome Plugin
Prospecting with Greenhouse Prospecting Google Chrome Plugin
Access Dev Center
Invisible reCAPTCHA
Edit Application Confirmation Page
Can Candidates Apply to Job Not on Careers Page?
Cannot Edit LinkedIn Limited Listing Setting on Job Post
LinkedIn Limited Listings


Greenhouse Recruiting Integrations

Central Test


Greenhouse CRM

Delete Prospect Pool
Edit Prospect Pool
Archive Prospect Pool
Prospect Pool Stages
Prospect Pool Admin
Prospect Form URL
Best Practices: Common CRM Use Cases
Prospecting Activity Report
Create Prospect Pool
Prospect Owner


Greenhouse Onboarding

Reassign Tasks to 3rd-Party Task System in Bulk
Integrate with Greenhouse Recruiting
Employee Login Prior to Start Date
Employee Login On or After Start Date