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Prospect Pool Admin


Prospect Pool Admin is a role delegated by a CRM Admin license holder to other users. When assigned, the role allows those users to edit, delete, and manage a specific prospect pool.

While Users with CRM Admin licenses can manage any prospect pool in Greenhouse CRM, users with CRM user licenses must be assigned to the Prospect Pool Admin role to manage the prospect pool. In this article, we will cover how to:


Assign Prospect Pool Admin

To assign a user to the Prospect Pool Admin role, click the ellipsis from the navigation bar and select CRM from the dropdown menu.


From the CRM page, click Configure Pools.


Navigate to a prospect pool from the subsequent list and click the ellipsis under the Actions columns.

Click Edit from the dropdown menu.


Navigate to the Pool Admin column and select a user from the dropdown menu.

Note: CRM User License holders who create prospect pools will be automatically added to the Pool Admin role. This will enable those creators to continually edit and manage the prospect pool. Additionally, CRM User License holders can only add other users with CRM User Licenses to the Pool Admin role. 

Click Save when finished.



Remove Prospect Pool Admin

To remove a user from the Prospect Pool Admin role, navigate to an editable prospect pool (CRM > Configure Pool > Edit).

Click the delete.png to the right of the users name and click Save when finished.