Delete prospect pool


Note: Prospect pools can only be deleted by a user with a CRM Admin License, or by user with a CRM User License assigned to the Pool Admin role.  

Prospect pools enable your organization to organize prospects sourced online, at events, and/or from other job pipelines into a single manageable group so you can track and plan outreach efforts.

To delete a prospect pool, click the ellipsis from the navigation bar and select CRM from the dropdown menu.


Click Configure CRM.


Navigate to the prospect pool that will be deleted from the subsequent list and click the ellipsis ellipsis.png under the Actions columns.

Click Delete from the dropdown menu.


If the deleted prospect pool contains prospects in any of the prospect stages, you will have the opportunity to map each individual prospect pool stage to a new prospect pool stage. Prospects in those stages will be moved to the new prospect stage.

Click Delete.


Note: If no pool and stage is selected during the delete, prospects will be moved to the No Pool Specified group.