Greenhouse Recruiting's integration with Textio synchronizes your central language library in Textio with the text and hiring metrics from your posted job listings in Greenhouse Recruiting.

This synchronization automates data collection (such as Time to Hire and anonymous applicant demographics) from Greenhouse Recruiting. Integrating Greenhouse Recruiting with Textio ensures the language pattern insights contained in your hiring content are visible to your writers.

Users also will be able to access Textio's augmented writing features from within Greenhouse Recruiting, simplifying your team's workflow and improving productivity.

Set up the Textio integration

To enable the Greenhouse Recruiting / Textio integration, please contact your Textio customer success manager, who will guide you through the setup process.

Enabling the integration will require your team to configure Greenhouse Recruiting's Harvest API and webhooks to grant Textio the appropriate, limited permissions needed to connect to your instance of Greenhouse Recruiting. You also will need to allow your users to download and install Textio's Chrome extension from the Google web store.


Additional support

Please contact for troubleshooting assistance regarding the integration.