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What is Data Exchange?

As a Data Exchange partner, you have the opportunity to impact which words, phrases, and other language patterns show up in Textio. The more often you share your data with Textio, the more Textio’s learning loop will know about what works for you.

Being thoughtful about securely handling your data is important to Textio. These instructions will guide you through sharing the appropriate level of access via your Greenhouse Harvest API Key. 

To set up the Harvest API key:    

  1. Log into Greenhouse as an Admin
  2. Select the gear near the user's name
  3. Click on Dev Center
  4. Select API Credential Management to generate a new API key, or edit an existing key                
  5. Click Create New API Key to generate a new API key

6. Enter “Textio-DX” as the name for the Description field

7. Select Harvest as the credential type

8. Click Create


9. Set the permissions for the API key


10. Save the permissions setting established in the previous step

11. Copy the API Key and paste it into a blank document page

12. Upload the document page containing your API Key into the secure Dropbox folder provided by your Customer Success Engineer