Offer fields help record the details of a candidate's offer and can be used to automatically generate offer documentation, such as letters and emails. By default, Greenhouse Recruiting provides a list of offer fields and allows your organization to add custom offer fields to that list. 

If you do not need a custom offer field anymore, it can be deleted using the steps below.

Note: If a custom offer field is deleted, any previously entered values will still display on the candidate's offer paperwork for your records. However, new offers will not be able to define or use this data, and any values associated with deleted offer fields will not show up in reports.

Delete a custom offer field

Click the Configure icon Configure.png in and select Custom Options from the left panel. 


Select Offers in the Company Custom Fields section.


Find the custom offer field in the list and select the Delete icon on the right side of the table.


Confirm you want to delete the custom field on the prompt.