Notification email for rejected offer approval


If an offer approval flow is rejected, Greenhouse Recruiting notifies the following users by email: 

  • The user(s) listed as hiring manager on the job's Hiring Team page
  • The recruiter marked as responsible for recruiting tasks on the job's Hiring Team page
  • The user who requested the offer approval
  • All users assigned as approvers in the offer approval flow

Note: The offer approval rejected email notification is not sent to the candidate-level recruiter unless that user is marked as responsible for recruiting tasks at the job-level.


A notification is sent only if the full approval flow is rejected. 

Example: Let's say one of the approval steps requires one of two listed users to approve. If one of the users approves and one rejects, the step ultimately is considered approved, the offer advances, and a notification for a rejected offer approval is not sent. See image below. 

Alternatively, if both of the users listed in this 1 of 2 required step reject the offer, the entire offer is considered rejected, and a notification for a rejected offer approval is sent.