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Talent Finder


Greenhouse CRM's Talent Finder feature allows your organization to tap into the various groups of talent cultivated through your sourcing and recruitment efforts for any job. Using this feature, your organization can jumpstart sourcing for a job, infuse your current pipeline with group of silver-medal candidates, etc...In this article, we will cover how to:


Navigate to Talent Finder

Talent Finder can be accessed from any job's dashboard. Click the All Jobs tab from your navigation bar and select a job from the subsequent list.


From the Job Dashboard page, navigate to the Prospecting panel on the right-hand side and click Find Prospects.



Find Prospects with Talent Finder

By default, Talent Finder filters candidates by the Department and Office of the selected job. To remove/change these defaults or apply additional filters by Job or Tags, click edit.png and select new values from the dropdown menu.

When finished, click Save.


Talent Finder allows you to quickly search candidates who reached the Offer or Face-to-Face milestone for the filters configured above.

Note: Talent Finder only displays candidates across the Offer and Face-to-face milestone.


To further filter the list of candidates in either the Offer or Face-to-face panel, click edit.png to the right of the Select a Rejection Reason dropdown menu.

Select a Rejection Reason and click Save.


In addition to the Offer and Face-to-face milestones, Talent Finder allows your organization to quickly access the prospect pools you have configured in Greenhouse CRM. Use the dropdown menu in the Prospect Pool panel to select a prospect pool. Click Save when finished.


Click the number of candidates on the right-side of any panel to view the list of candidates and take any additional actions.

Note: Your organization can also build your own custom search by click Build Your Own Search.