Permissions: Owners

Product tier: Available for Greenhouse Welcome and Greenhouse Onboarding subscription tiers

ServiceNow is a customer service software and support ticketing system. If your organization uses ServiceNow as a third-party task system, you can integrate it with Greenhouse Onboarding to send your onboarding tasks to ServiceNow via email.

Retrieve your ServiceNow email address

Greenhouse uses your organization's ServiceNow email address to send tasks created in Greenhouse Onboarding to the ServiceNow ticketing system.

Contact your ServiceNow administrator to retrieve your ServiceNow email. You'll need this to enable ServiceNow as a third-party task system in Greenhouse Onboarding.

Connect ServiceNow to Greenhouse Onboarding

Once you've retrieved your ServiceNow email address, log into Greenhouse Onboarding.

From your Greenhouse Onboarding homepage, navigate to Settings Company Info 3rd-Party Task Systems.

On the 3rd-Party Task Systems page, click Add New.

3rd party task systems page in Greenhouse Onboarding Settings with Add new button highlighted

Enter a Name for your task system and select ServiceNow from the System dropdown.

Paste your ServiceNow email address in the Email Address field.

New 3rd party task configuration

Since your Greenhouse Onboarding tasks can include tokens (which may reveal personally identifiable information), you'll need to define which fields ServiceNow can view.

Use the Viewable Fields (Optional) dropdown to select which fields ServiceNow can view.

Note: If a task with non-viewable tokens is assigned to ServiceNow, Greenhouse Onboarding will block ServiceNow from accessing the information.

Viewable fields on 3rd party task configuration

When you're finished, click Save and Close.