Asana.png Asana is a web and mobile application designed to help teams organize, track, and manage their work. 

When properly configured, Greenhouse Onboarding tasks that are assigned to Asana will be automatically added as a card to the board via email. In this article, we will cover how to: 

When finished, see Assign Task to 3rd-Party System for more information on how to assign Greenhouse Onboarding tasks to Asana.


Add Greenhouse Onboarding to Asana Project

Before Greenhouse Onboarding can create tasks in Asana via email, we must be added to an Asana Project first.  

Navigate to an Asana Project that you would like Greenhouse Onboarding to have access to and click Share.


From the Share Project dialog box, add no-reply@mail.onboarding.greenhouse.io to the Who has access field.

Note: Make sure that Notify them when new tasks are added to this project is unchecked.

Click Add Member when finished.


Greenhouse Onboarding is added as a user to the project. Repeat the above instructions for any other Asana boards that you need connected to Greenhouse Onboarding.


Retrieve Asana Project Email

Once Greenhouse Onboarding is added to an Asana Project, your organization will need to retrieve the Asana Project email. Click the ellipsis (Project Actions) to the right of the Asana Project name.


Navigate to Add Tasks Via and select Email.


Copy the email address from the subsequent dialog box.


Repeat the above instructions for any other Asana boards that you need connected to Greenhouse Onboarding.


Enable Asana for Greenhouse Onboarding

Once the Asana board's email address is copied, navigate to Greenhouse Onboarding and click Settings from the navigation bar. 

Select 3rd-Party Task Systems from the left-hand panel.


From the 3rd-Party Task Systems page, click Add New.


Give the 3rd-party task system a name and select Asana from the provided System dropdown menu. 

Input the copied Asana board email address in the Email Address field.


Since Greenhouse Onboarding allows tokens to be inserted into tasks (which can reveal personally identifiable information), you need to explicitly configure which fields Asana can view.

Use the Viewable Fields dropdown menu to select which fields Asana can view. If a task with a non-viewable token is assigned to Asana, Greenhouse Onboarding will block Asana from viewing the information.  

When finished, click Save and Close.


The Asana board will be added as a 3rd-party task system in Greenhouse Onboarding. Repeat the above steps for any additional Asana boards that you need connected to Greenhouse Onboarding.

This Asana board (and any additional boards added to 3rd-Party Task Systems) can now be assigned tasks. To learn more, click here.