Permissions: Job Admin and above

Product tier: Available to all subscription tiers

If your organization has scheduled an interview using the Outlook 365 integration, you can reschedule/update the the interview directly from Greenhouse Recruiting.

Note: An interview scheduled through the Outlook 365 integration can be updated only by the user who originally scheduled it, and then only if one of the following conditions is true:
  • The user scheduled the interview to their personal calendar, or
  • The user scheduled to a shared calendar, and the email address associated with the shared calendar also is associated with the user's Greenhouse Recruiting account.

To reschedule an interview scheduled with the Outlook 365 integration, navigate to a candidate profile that needs rescheduling (Jobs > Job > Candidates).

From the candidate profile, scroll to the Stage tab on the On Job panel and expand the stage that requires a rescheduled interview.

Click Update next to the scheduled interview.

From the Scheduling for candidate page, edit the interview details as needed.

Once the interview details are edited, click Schedule and Continue.

On the subsequent page, confirm the updated interview details are correct, then click Update Interviews.

Note: If you wish to notify the interviewer(s) of the change by email, be sure the box for Send an email update to all interviewers is checked.

Once sent, interviewers (and Greenhouse Recruiting) will be invited to the updated interview.

You will also need to send a separate interview confirmation email to the candidate for the updated interview.