Request Candidate Availability (Outlook 365)

Permissions: Job Admin or above

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

The Request Candidate Availability feature simplifies the scheduling process and reduces the need to navigate between multiple calendars when coordinating interviews.

After you configure your Outlook 365 integration, you can request a candidate's availability and allow them to see the openings on your calendar.

Send an availability request email

You can only request a candidate's availability after that candidate has progressed to a stage with a scheduled interview component, such as a phone screen or face-to-face interview. You won't be able to request their availability for stages like Take Home Tests or background checks that don't require specific scheduling.

To send an availability email, click Request Availability on the Stage tab in their job dashboard.

Note: You can only request a candidate's availability for their current stage. If a candidate hasn't been moved into a stage, you won't be able to request their availability.

Screenshot of request availability button

Complete the fields for the availability request as needed. If you have an availability request email template, it will automatically be populated in the Body of the message.

However, you can also manually update or write an email in this field.

Screenshot of body field

Additionally, you can suggest some interview times to help coordinate between the interviewer's and candidate's schedules. We've included some additional information about this feature below.


Your message for candidate availability will be sent to the email address listed in the To field.

Screenshot of to field

When you're finished, click Send Email.

Screenshot of send email button.

Note: Organizations with an Advanced or Expert subscription tier can automate this process using a stage transition rule. Click here to learn more.

Suggest interview times for candidate

Suggesting interview times for the candidate allows you to send potential interview slots to candidates based on your interviewers' schedules. By providing these suggestions, you can more easily find a convenient interview time for the candidate and your team.

To add these times to your availability request, click Suggest interview times for candidate.

Screenshot of suggest times window.

To view an interviewer's calendar, select their name from the Interviewer dropdown menu.

Note: Only one calendar can be viewed at a time.

To select a proposed time, click and drag in the calendar. You can do this multiple times to add more than one proposed time.

Gif of clicking and dragging the schedule

To remove a section, click the X icon in the top right corner of the scheduling block.

Screenshot of closing time block

To view different weeks on the interviewer's calendar, click the arrow icons in the top right corner of the page.

Screenshot of navigation.

When you're finished, click Save Suggested Times.


Your selected times will display at the bottom of the Candidate Availability Request email to the candidate.


Resend an availability request

You can resend your email and the suggested interview times (or an edited version of these times) by clicking Resend from the candidate's On Job panel.

Screenshot of resend button.

Your request for the candidate's availability will be sent to the candidate with your suggested interview times.

What the candidate sees when responding to an availability request

When a candidate receives an availability request, they can click on a link to enter their own availability.

Screenshot of candidate view

This link will open a calendar in a new tab that contains the suggested times and any other available information from the interviewer. To select their availability, the candidate can click and drag the sections on the calendar. When they're finished choosing their availability, they'll need to select Submit Availability.

Screenshot of candidates availability

Find a candidate's submitted availability

After the candidate sends their availability, the user who initially sent the Candidate Availability Request email will receive a notification email.

To view an availability request, navigate to the candidate's Job tab and expand the Stage. Your suggested times and the candidate's suggested times will display under Availability.

Screenshot of completed request

If you want to manually update the candidate's availability or suggested times, click Edit.

However, if you've found some availability and want to schedule an interview, click Schedule Interview. For more information on how to schedule an interview, click here.

Screenshot of schedule interview button.