Caliper is a human capital analytics company leveraging decades of data and validated assessments to predict and select high quality candidates. They help businesses align talent with strategy; hire better people faster; and develop leaders, teams, and mission-critical employees. Caliper partners with all types of organizations, industries and sectors – from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses.

Greenhouse Recruiting's integration with Caliper allows you to seamlessly add a Caliper assessment and report to a job's interview plan. In this article, we will cover how to:


Enable the Greenhouse/Caliper Integration

To start, contact your Caliper representative ( to receive your API key. Once you have received your API key, fill out the form at or click here to open a ticket.

Note: Do not send the API key in this initial email.

The Greenhouse Support Team will respond with a SendSafely link for you to enter your API key. A notification will be sent to the Greenhouse Support Team after you have entered your API key and they will email you to confirm that your API key has been set up in your account and your integration is enabled.

Note: To verify your identity, the Greenhouse Support Team might request you provide a Support Verification Code before adding the API key to your organization's account.



Add the Caliper Stage to Job’s Interview Plan

Once the Greenhouse/Caliper integration is enabled for your organization, you will be able to add the Caliper assessment as an Interview stage.

To do this for an existing job, navigate to a job (All Jobs > Job Name) and click Job Setup from the Job navigation bar.


From the Job Setup page, navigate to Interview Plan on the left-hand panel. Scroll down the page and click + Add a Stage.


From the Add Stage dialog box, select the Caliper stage. When finished, click Add to apply the stage to the job's interview plan.



Configure the Caliper Stage

Once the stage has been added to the job's interview plan, click Edit inline with the stage.

Use the provided drop-down menu to choose a report that you have previously arranged to use with Caliper.

Assign at least one Greenhouse user to review the completed report. When finished, click Save.


Send the Caliper Assessment and Review the Report

When candidates are moved into the Caliper stage, Greenhouse will display a Send Test link.

Note: When you send a test from Greenhouse, the assessment instructions are actually sent to the candidate via email by Caliper.

The status of the assessment will be viewable in Greenhouse: 

Once the candidate has completed their assessment, the Interview Kit will contain a link to view the completed report on Caliper.

After you click on the Interview Kit on the candidate’s profile, you’ll be taken to a page where the URL is available to view the Caliper report.