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Assign/Edit User-Specific Permissions in Bulk


Greenhouse Recruiting allows your organization to edit the user-specific permissions for multiple users at the same time. With Greenhouse Recruiting's bulk action feature, you can enable/disable individual user-specific permissions for a single permission level at a time. 

To assign/edit user-specific permission in bulk, click the Configure icon in the upper right-hand corner and navigate to Users on the left-hand panel.


Use the provided filter panel to filter the list of Greenhouse users by their permission level. Click Bulk Actions when finished. 

Note: Bulk editing user-specific permissions can only be performed for users belonging to a single permission level.


Select users from the filtered list and click Edit Selected (#).


Click Edit User-Specific Permissions from the subsequent dialog box. 

Note: If you have filtered the list of users by Site Admin, click Edit Site Admin Permissions instead.


Select either Turn all on or Turn all off for every user-specific permission in the subsequent list. This will edit the user-specific permission setting for every user include in the bulk action.

Click Save Permissions when finished.