Toggl Hire (previously Hundred5) adds a new source of applicants to your pipeline by giving qualified passive candidates the ability to apply without being forced to update their resume.

Toggl Hire's integration with Greenhouse Recruiting allows you to source and import new candidates.

Set up the integration

Log in to your Toggl Hire dashboard.

The Toggl Hire platform login page is shown with a field to enter an email addres

Click on the position you'd like to merge.

An example position is shown with the Merge option chosen

Click the Integrations tab, then click Greenhouse.

The Integrations tab shows Greenhouse listed first among other options

Enter the email address used for your Greenhouse Recruiting account and click Next Step.

The integration authorization page shows an example Greenhouse Recruiting email address entered into the field

Enter your Greenhouse Recruiting password and click Authorize.

The Authorize button is highlighted on the integration authorization page

Use the Toggl Hire integration

Once enabled, in the Integrations tab on Toggl Hire, use the dropdown to link the open position to its relevant equivalent in Greenhouse Recruiting.

On the Toggl Hire platform, an example position is shown with a link to the job on Greenhouse Recruiting

In Greenhouse Recruiting, navigate to the Jobs page and find the role you connected to Toggl Hire. Once you're on the job dashboard, click Review Applications.

This list will now include resumes and test results from Toggl Hire candidates. Each applicant's test answers and contact information can be found on the same page.

In Greenhouse Recruiting, an example candidate named Avery Brown is shown imported from Toggl Hire