To work properly with Greenhouse, your URLs need to follow the convention of using a Base URL plus the Job ID. This means that you can configure whatever Base URL you would like, but that URL needs to be the same across all job posts. Greenhouse will automatically append the Job ID to that URL.

For example, if you had a highly customized URL that included a job’s department and name (e.g., that URL would not be configurable in Greenhouse. As Greenhouse can only generate new job post URLs by adding the Job ID to one standard Base URL, it would not be possible for Greenhouse to automatically generate links that include other details specific to the job, such as the job’s name or department.

If you notice that your Greenhouse links aren’t pointing to the right location, please make sure that the links on your careers page match the Greenhouse-supported URL format. If your URLs contain textual information that is specific to the job, Greenhouse will not be able to link to that URL directly.

Are there any workarounds?

Greenhouse won’t be able to link automatically to URLs that use an unsupported format, but it may be possible for your developers to set up a redirect from the Greenhouse-supported URLs to the URLs on your careers page.

For example, if the URL for your job post in Greenhouse is, but you’d prefer for it to be, your developers would need to set up a redirect from the Greenhouse URL to the URL on your careers page. With a redirect in place, when candidates click the Greenhouse URL, they should automatically be redirected to the URL on your careers page.

There are some things to be aware of if you’d like to take the redirect approach:

Maintenance: When you post a new job in Greenhouse, we’ll automatically create a URL for that job and add it to your job board. However, if you’d like to set up a redirect for all of your URLs, you would need to create a new redirect path for all new jobs posts in your account.

For example, once you created a new job post, Greenhouse would automatically create the link to the post using the supported format (e.g. If this link is different from the link on your careers page (e.g., the links generated in Greenhouse wouldn’t work until your developers set up a redirect from the Greenhouse link ( to your careers page link (