Job post URL for Greenhouse hosted job posts


Job Post URLs are links added to your job board that will redirect candidates to the job post (application form) for a specific job. For organizations who have elected to have their job posts hosted by Greenhouse Recruiting, we will automatically produce the Job Post URL for your organization.  

The URL associated with your organization's Greenhouse hosted job board is comprised of two sequential parts: 

  • Root URL (
  • Job ID (e.g. 12345)

Together, these elements combine to make a Job Post URL for a specific application form ( 

While the Greenhouse hosted Root URL will not change for any of your job post URLs, the unique Job ID will change depending on the application form. It is the Job ID that acts as the unique identifier between job posts within your organization.  

Greenhouse Recruiting will automatically affix the Job ID to your desired Root URL using a gh_jid parameter. The resulting job post URL will look like (