Permissions: All users

Product tier: Available for Expert subscription tiers

Managing the next steps for multiple prospects across different pools and stages can be a challenge when those pools and stages have different workflows or timelines.

While Greenhouse CRM allows organizations to set reminders for individual prospects, you may quickly outgrow individual notifications as you increase the number of prospect pools and available prospects. To manage prospects at scale, you can configure reminders for an entire pool or stage.

Create a new stage reminder

You can create a new reminder at the bottom of the CRM page. (CRM in navigation bar > Create Reminder in the right panel)


Add the details for your reminder in the pop-up window.

Field name Description
Reminder Details A label or description for the reminder
Pool The prospect pool that should be associated with the reminder.
Stage (Optional)

The specific stage that should be associated with the reminder.

If you choose a stage for a reminder, it will only apply to the specific prospects in that stage of the prospect pool.

Due Date The date on which the reminder email should be sent to Assigned Users.
Assigned Users CRM Admin and license holders who will receive the reminder.

When you're finished, click Create Reminder.

Screenshot of create reminder details button

The pool and stage reminder is created, and the Assigned Users will be notified on the selected Due Date. Additionally, the reminder will be added to the Reminders panel for the Assigned Users.

Update a reminder

To update an existing reminder, click the Edit icon on the Reminders panel.

Screenshot of edit reminders button

Note: Users can only edit pool and stage reminders where they are the creator or assignee.

Review and complete your reminders

Once the pool and stage reminder is created, the reminder will appear in two locations for all Assigned Users:

  • On the CRM page in the Reminders panel, and
  • On the My Dashboard page in the My Reminders panel

Note: While the reminder will appear in the Reminders panel for the Assigned User immediately, the Pool and Stage Reminder Email is not delivered until the selected Due Date.

Screenshot of mark reminders as complete

To dismiss an individual reminder, click the circle icon circle icon on the left.

If you want to dismiss multiple reminders at once, click Bulk Dismiss in the top right corner of the page.

Screenshot of bulk dismiss button

Note: You can only bulk dismiss reminders on the All Reminders page, which can be found by clicking See All on the different reminders panels.

Screenshot of see all reminders button

Select the reminders you want to dismiss and click Dismiss Selected in the top right corner.

Screenshot of dismiss selected button

Export reminders

If you want to export a .csv of all your pending reminders, click See All on the reminders panel and click Export to Excel in the top right corner of the page.

Screenshot of export to excel button

Note: You can filter the reminders displayed on this page using the filters above the table.

Reminder email example

On the assigned due date for the reminder, an email will be sent to any Assigned Users. you can quickly view the prospects associated with the reminder by clicking the link in the email.

Screenshot of reminder email link

Once the task is finished, you can mark it as complete in your Dashboard or Reminders panel.